RX Serien

Compact, lightweight and built to withstand harsh environments the RX series receivers are certified IP65 with versatility and flexibility. Hetronic will customize each RX receiver to meet your specific application needs where from 2 to 10 relay outputs are required. The RX series receivers can be setup to operate at frequencies ranging from 419Mhz to 489Mhz, at 868Mhz, 1.216Ghz or 2.4Ghz. For more information on the RX series of receivers contact an Hetronic technical expert who can help you select the right receiver for your application.

  • RX-6

    • IP66 case
    • Six (6) solid state outputs
    • Relay Options: 10/14/20/18P
  • RX ES

    • IP66 case
    • Open Data output and hardware
  • RX T10

    • Solid State switching outputs
    • Light weight 725g (1.6lbs)
    • IP 66
    • Multiple antenna options available