HL Serien RX

HL Series Receivers are designed for complex multi-function operations. Each receiver is customized to your application requirements and can be designed and configured to include up to 30 relay outputs, up to four (4) voltage control outputs and up to four (4) inputs. Each RX HL receiver provides full diagnostics and are operator programmable through our H-Link configuration software system.

Offering a wide range of control interfaces that include analog, digital or proportional (Voltage control or PWM or combination) and RS232 or CAN bus. Machine hardware feedback can be configured to application specific analog and/or digital interfaces. RS232 cable control options are available for each HL series receiver. The high performance HL receivers are configurable to operate at 4xx, 8xx,1.2Ghz or 2.4Ghz radio frequencies.


    • IP65
    • Range 100m (300′)
    • Vibration mounts
    • ​Weight: 710g (1.61lbs.)
  • RX14-HL

    • IP65 case
    • Multiple input and output configurations available
    • Can operate at a wide range of frequencies
    • Range: 100m (300′)
  • CAN-HL

    • H-Link programmable
    • Multiple CAN communication
  • BMS-HL

    • Expandable to customer need
    • Full Analog and Digital capability
  • MLC-HL

    • Multiple frequencies
    • Digital or Proportional