Hetronic receivers are designed for maximum operator safety, and built to withstand the most rugged field environments. We offer a wide variety of receivers that are both versatile and fully programmable. Whether your application requires AC- or DC-powered relay, solid state, or serial interface outputs, Hetronic offers a perfectly matched receiver solution for your machine operation (stationary or mobile).

Hetronic receiver categories are available for virtually any application and are designed to be matched to the appropriate transmitter and application. Our MFSHL receiver series provides customers Multi-Frequency Scanning (MFS) and H-Link (HL) wireless programming to expand possibilities and improve efficiency in the field.. The RX HL series receivers are designed for complex process control applications offering internal diagnostics as well as multiple inputs and outputs to meet a wide range of applications. The RX Series receivers are compact, rugged and lightweight and can be equipped with a variety of relay outputs and internal antennas.

When bus technology is a vital requirement, Hetronic has the right receiver that will operate with your selected bus interface. When EX (Explosion Proof) is critical to safe operation our EX receivers can be counted on to be intrinsically safe and customized to meet customers’ specific operational requirements.