Pocket serien

Hetronic exclusive Multiple-Frequency Sharing H-Link (MFSHL) technology has been developed for automatic frequency management and user configuration of control settings. The Multiple Frequency Sharing (MFS) technology enables up to 20 transmitters to be operated in close proximity while sharing the same frequency. H-Link (HL) is an intuitive and user-friendly hardware and software solution that operates with a PC and H-Link Dongle USB attached. H Link provides customers the ability to change or customize their system settings and parameters at a distance and on the fly.

  • Pocket MFSHL

    • MFS allows operation of up to 20 units on same frequency
    • H-Link allows user to custom configure settings without wires
    • Three (3) AA batteries (up to 500 hrs. operation)
    • Multiple standard configurations available
    • Status LED’s for Low battery and Stop Actuation