GR and Euro harnessed transmitters

GR/Euro transmitters are designed for harsh environment applications where complex, multi-function control is required to safely complete the job. Hetronic GR or Euro transmitters are light weight yet offer a large control panel that can be configured with a variety of easy-to-use controls that enable operational efficiency. Hetronic GR or Euro are available as pre-configured «off-the-shelf» or custom tailored to each customer specific application. Both the pre-configured or custom transmitters can be configured with an array of joysticks, push buttons, toggle or rotary switches as well as LCD displays to meet our customer’s specific work requirements.

The GR and EURO harnessed transmitters are designed to fit a broad list of applications from tunnel-drilling machines to earth moving equipment, tower cranes to material handling, overhead cranes, work platforms, container handling and specialty applications.

Contact a Hetronic technical expert who will help you select the ideal GR or Euro for your specific application.

  • Euro

    • Weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs.)
    • Frequencies: 4xxMhz, 868Mhz
    • RF Unit: CS syntheized with multiple frequencies switch selectable
    • Range 100m (300′) typical
    • Can be configured with multiple controls
    • Safety Address: 20-bit, 1M possible
    • Active & Passive STOP function
  • GR Transmitter

    • Weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs.)
    • Antenna: Internal, Optional External
    • Diagnostics: Status LED for operation and Low Battery
    • Frequencies: 4xxMhz, 868Mhz
    • Range; Typical 100m (300′)
    • Safety: Address is: 20-bit, with over 1M possible
    • Lightweight, large control panel