Nova XL 2.8

Another of the new generation NOVA Series transmitters, the NOVA XL 2.8 offers expanded capability for real-time operator feedback and as a process control fault diagnostic tool with customizable GUI on a larger 2.8″ Color TFT LED back-lit, sunlight readable display. NOVA XL 2.8 is available in two (2) pre-configured standard versions, the NOVA XL 2.8 PROP 6K and NOVA XL 2.8 PROP 8L. Fully customizable to meet your needs, it can take up to four (4) digital/proportional dual/triple-axis joysticks or up to eight (8) single axis proportional paddle levers. The NOVA XL 2.8 provides ample space for a combination of controls such as toggle switches, push button switches, rotary switches and potentiometers. Standard features include status LED, easy to access Push/Turn to release STOP switch, scroll function and cable control connection, while additional customer options include internal adjustable tilt sensor and leading edge proximity TouchSensor™ embedded in both handles that provide an enhanced “man-down” safety feature. NOVA XL 2.8 is powered with either one (1) Hetronic 3.6V NiMH or one (1) Hetronic 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

  • Vekt: 1.8kg (3.97lbs)
  • Integrert 2.8″” TFT fargedisplay
  • Halv duplex eller Full Duplex
  • 9Ah eller 10.6Ah Lithium Ion batteri; 10 timer  drift
  • Sikkerhet: 20-bit programmerbare addresser med 1 million kombinasjoner
  • Rekkevidde: 100m